5 Renowned Women Fashion Designers in India

With a huge variety of designer clothes made available by professional fashion designers, finding stylish and elegant apparels for women is no longer a perplexing task. Women fashion apparels are available in a host of designs, styles, fabrics and prices on many of the online stores at reasonable rates. There are a host of fashion designers who design, create and invent amazing attire for women. Some of the most renowned fashion designers in India are Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Ritu Beri, Tarun Tahiliani and Rina Dhaka.

Top 5 Indian Fashion Designers

Manish Malhotra is one of the most celebrated fashion designers in India who is renowned for his skill to capture the beauty of nature in his fashion apparels. He designs apparels for most of the leading women in the fashion and film industry. His work is acclaimed all over the world for its sophistication and beauty.

Women fashion apparels created by Ritu Kumar are known all over the world as it is synonymous with beauty, elegance and a unique blend of Indian traditional wear with stylish designs. Most of the fashion clothes designed by Ritu Kumar include gowns, evening wear, bridal outfits, traditional Indian wear, swim suits and many more.

Ritu Beri is yet another International fashion designer noted for her unique blends of French fashion and Indian wear. Her fashion trends are acclaimed globally for its excellent designs and captivating style. Her apparels include a rich fusion of luxurious silk with large tycoon motifs and brocades.

One of the best Indian fashion designers who have been quoted by leading fashion magazines like Vogue is Rina Dhaka. She is renowned for her theme projects. Some of her exclusive work in fashion industry includes woolen garments, crochets, sheer trousers, spider web motifs, stretch jerseys and many more.

Designer clothes are expensive yet it exudes a distinctive charm and quality that can seldom be visible in other types of clothes and apparels. Today it is quite easy to purchase designer apparels from online stores as most of the leading designer apparels are available through these stores. Most of the reputed online fashion stores showcase a surprising collection of clothes at reasonable price rates.

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