Popular Forms of Indian Ornaments and Latest Trends

Inspired by centuries old traditions and refined by the contemporary fashion, Indian ornaments are fascinating in every true sense. With intricate designs and intelligent use of ingredients like diamonds, gem stones, gold and silver, jewellery items from the country enjoy huge stature worldwide. Rural craftsmanship and topmost brands together define some striking designs in the categories like religious, wedding, fashion and everyday purpose jewellery.

Diamond Necklace

Decades have passed by, but the spellbinding beauty of god necklaces in India has never faded. The most amazing aspects of these necklaces are the multi-tier designs and intricacy that they showcase. Among the latest fashion necklace designs is the toggle shaped necklace made of brass and adorned by the likes of resin stones. Special mention must be made for the kundan necklaces that have rustic appeal and are among the top choices for brides. Pendants in many interesting shapes and designs with gold and silver chains are also preferred.

Diamond Ring

Finger rings, earrings and nose rings are other popular ornaments among Indian women. Diamond rings for fingers (especially the wedding rings) continues to attract women from all states and regions. Fashionable and working class women love to experiment with rings made of sterling silver and white gold. In some parts of the country, toe rings (called bichiya) are also in fashion. Apart from ring-shaped ornaments for ears; other popular options include stud earrings.

Gold Bangles

Indian women love to wear 6-8 bangles in each wrist, especially when dressed up in traditional outfits. Fashion-conscious women are more inclined towards designer bangles, like those designed in gold and with embedded diamonds in a variety of designs. White gold bangles with semi-precious stones are also among the popular choices. For ethnic look, bangles made of lac are irresistibly attractive. One of the latest styles is bangles with zigzag design made of metals.

Other Ornaments
Anklets (usually made of silver) and bracelets (diamond being a preferred option) play significant roles in enhancing the beauty of women from India. A special kind of necklace (called mangalsutra, which is nowadays available in interesting designs) is worn by women after they get married.

Items in each of these categories range from ethnic to fashionable designs, catering to women from different age groups and backgrounds. No wonder that these ornaments are constantly inspiring women from the western world as well.

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