Important Office Stationery Products Which Makes Things Easier

Office stationery plays a key role in execution of any kind of office work. For efficient execution of work, a variety of office stationery is used. Below is a list of some important office stationery items.

  • Paper: Paper plays an important role for any office work. Keeping hard copies of paper documentation is essential for any business. Even though most official work is being performed on computers and stored in soft documents nowadays, it is obligatory for most office records like accounts, balance sheets and board meeting minutes, etc. to be maintained on paper records. These papers may either be ordinary hand written or typed papers or papers for computer print outs of ledger accounts, cost sheets and budgets.
  • Files: Files are used to hold papers securely and for easy identification of papers. Various files are maintained with different nomenclatures to store all papers related to one particular subject in a particular file. With the help of files, it is very easy to locate papers related to a particular subject or for a particular period. They can be stored period wise, department wise and subject wise also for their easy access.
  • Notepads: Notepads are widely used for taking short notes by office staff while attending to instructions of their boss or for noting down some key points while referring to reference books or work related material. Important points to be discussed at meetings and seminars are also noted on note pads.
  • Letter Heads: Letter heads are mostly used for sending business letters and for making correspondence with clients. They also act as publicity for the business as they contain the name, address and logo of the company.
  • Business Cards: Business cards also play an important role in any business. They are used as an identity and for impressing clients and to serve as an advertisement of your office and business.
  • Envelopes: Envelopes are used for sending documents and letters. Business envelops printed with your business address and logo is used as a tool of advertisement for your company.
  • Post its: Post its are very small coloured sticky notes of 3 inch square size normally with re-adhesive strip of low tack adhesive on its back allowing it to be temporarily pasted and removed easily without leaving any marks on the document or file. They are used to key mark important things in a way that they catch the attention of intended viewer.


Vaibhav said...

Truly said, without office stationery it would be difficult to run any business.

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Vaibhav said...

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