Variety of Measuring Equipment Used for Accurate Measurement

The first known measuring instrument was probably created by the people of the Indus Valley Civilization. It could measure mass, length and time. As science developed more and more equipments came into play. Today there are countless measuring instruments at our disposal.

Digital Clamp Meter

Digital Multi Meter

Let us take a look at some of the measuring instruments:

  • Digital Tachometer: A digital tachometer measures the rotating speed of a mechanical device. It is commonly used in automobile dashboards so that the rotations per minute of the automobile engine can be easily determined. The count tells whether or not the speed needs to be reduced so that the engine can be safeguarded from any sort of damage.
  • Digital Ammeter: Since most of the gadgets we use are electrical gadgets, so it is necessary that the electric current is checked. That is the reason a digital ammeter is used. These ammeters can be used in laboratories, factories, industries and homes to understand the current passage in the electric gadgets.
  • Digital Multi Meter: As the name suggests, a digital multi-meter serves several purposes. It does the functions of voltmeter, an ammeter, and an ohmmeter. It combines all the three functions and provides reading of electrical potential, the electrical current and the electrical resistance in a device.
  • Digital Pulse Counter: A digital counter or a digital pulse counter is a time keeping machine that displays the results on an LCD or LED display. This time keeping machine reflects its readings in a way that it can be read even in strong sunlight and in darkness.
  • Clamp Meter: When you need to measure the properties of an electrical device without touching it, you must use a clamp meter for this purpose. This device reads the magnitude of sinusoidal current and also gives you information about the phase and the waveform of the gadget in discussion.
  • Power Meter: Another simple measuring device is the power meter. As its name suggests, this device measure the amount of electric power used by a device.

There are many more such measuring devices in this modern time that are used regularly, either in homes or in work places or even in experimental setups.

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