Variety of Gemstones to Make a Difference in Your Life

Gemstones, also known as birth stones or lucky stones, can have significant importance in the life of the wearer. Some people wear them to add some colour to their jewellery, but there are others who believe that coloured stones can work to ward off problems from life. Certain gemstones have medicinal and healing powers as well, which protect the wearer against the negative effects of their corresponding planets. They can also boost the wearer’s spiritual power by keeping him or her healthy and happy.

Researches have proved that certain gemstones can even heal people who are suffering from fatal illnesses. The choice of the gemstone needs to be as per date of birth, zodiac sign and dominating planet. Let us look into the significance of some popular gemstones:

Ruby Stone: Ruby stone is known to remove financial troubles, impart prosperity, fame and name, particularly in the political arena. Ruby is believed to be beneficial for people who wish to have a high position in the office. Health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, jaundice, piles, cholera and issues related to eye, brain and heart can also be alleviated with ruby. Wear this gemstone in your ring finger on Sunday. Remember that Ruby stone may not be suitable for everyone. If you are wearing ruby, you should not wear hessonite, diamond or blue sapphire along with it. However, before wearing ruby, consult an astrologer you trust.

Topaz Stone: Associated with the planet Jupiter, it is known to provide success, health and fame to the wearer. This stone is believed to have the power to treat mild concentration problems and mental disorders. As suggested by most astrologers, it is safe to wear this stone, but wear it only on a Thursday in your right index finger. Expert astrologers advise that emerald, hessonite, diamond and blue sapphire should not be worn along with topaz stone.

Amethyst Stone: In Greek language, the work ‘Amethystos’ means ‘not drunken’. Consequently, amethyst is a stone that has powers to ward off drunkenness, and to instil soberness in the mind. It guards against feelings of fear and guilt, and protects against witchcraft. Amethyst stone is known to have healing powers to relieve breathing and blood related problems. It increases positive spiritual feelings and helps in overcoming cravings and fears.

These are only a few gemstones that can make you healthier and happier. Choose the right gemstone as per the recommendation by your astrologer, and see the difference in your life.

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