Effect of E-commerce in Indian Shopping Scenario

The state of the Indian economy exhibits signs of steady progress. The advent of Internet in the previous decade in India has helped to establish e-commerce as an important tool which has helped add value to the story of economic growth in the country and made a positive influence on the lives of people. E-commerce is considered to be the paperless exchange of service or goods via the use of electronic data. With the increasing usage of the Internet in India, it has become simpler for people and institutions to connect with each other, leading to a positive impact on the lives of people via e-commerce.

In India, most industries have e-commerce websites such as job sites, matrimonial websites and retail sector. All these sectors have recorded significant growth in the e-commerce business and attracted more customers through efficient advertising and word of mouth, leading to increase in sales and a significant boost in the economy. Comparison shopping is now able to provide customers with the best deals.

Any person is now able to access various e-commerce portals at any time, from any place and the system gets an update in real time. Customers are able to save precious time and also do not have to face hassles related to payments.

The Indian Railways began the system of selling tickets online about half a decade ago. The initial response from the important metros was extremely encouraging and very soon people began to understand the convenience of online payment and ticket booking methods. The success of this e-commerce initiative soon prompted people from other tier 2 and 3 cities to try out the Internet. Nowadays, an e-ticket for travel purpose has almost become the universal norm. Through the utilization of the e-commerce system, middle men have been removed to a good extent and the booking system has become more transparent, leading to the growth of the economy. Private airlines too have begun using the e-commerce system.

The future of internet shopping in India seems bright and is bound to have a favourable impact on the economic position of the country.

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