Know the Top 5 Brands of Beauty Products

What is the one thing that women think of when they hear of a party? Well, it is definitely dressing up and applying makeup. Since it is so important for everyone to look good, the cosmetics industry is flooded with products that are meant to enhance your beauty. In fact there are so many options that you will feel baffled and it will be difficult to choose. The key to looking beautiful with the help of makeup is having beautiful skin. Your skin must be soft, should not have spots and freckles and glow from inside.

Several beauty products are available to this purpose, but the one that tops the list is Olay from Proctor and Gamble. Women swear by it and some are so used to it that if you search their purses, a bottle might just pop out of it.

Failing to reach the first spot by a whisker is Avon. Its numerous products are easy on the skin and are made for a huge number of loyal clientele. Be it lipstick, translucent powder, nail polish, kohl, concealer or any other item that you require, Avon has them all and in all the shades that you can think of. Say you are attending a theme based party and you have an aquamarine gown; with the help of Avon’s products highlight your eyes with green and blue eye liners and become the talk of the town.

The next favorites are L’Oreal and Neutrogena. Be it their shampoos, hair colors, conditioners, face washes, face packs or even face scrubs, they are peers with respect to quality. They use minimum chemicals in their products that leave the skin supple and smooth. These brands have some serious followers and people will not change their choice for anything.

Just next in line is Nivea. This brand started out with cold creams, tanning oil, shaving creams and lotions and later ventured into moisturizers, shampoos and lip balms. The beauty products that Nivea has, mainly concentrate on the skin care zone.

So these are the top five brands for beauty products. This listing is based on the business these brands have done and on the usage of their products by customers.

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