Various Gold Jewelry Items and Ornaments Used by Womens

Different types of metals are used to make jewelry items and gold is the most popular metal used to make fine jewelry. Gold is used to make engagement rings, pendants, nose rings, bracelets, bangles and necklaces. The unique features and benefits of gold make it one of the most widely used metals for jewelry in the world.

Apart from gold, different other types of metals are also used to make jewelry such as platinum, silver, tungsten, titanium and so forth. Gold jewelry is combined with platinum or silver to make some of the most exquisite creations among jewelries. Today fashion trends have evolved largely and people love to adorn different blends of jewelries.

Different Types of Gold Jewelry Items

Some of the most popular varieties of jewelry items include the following.

Bangles: Gold bangles are among the most popular and widely used jewelry items among women. Gold bangles are available in an exotic variety of designs and styles.

Rings: Gold rings for engagement are also available in an array of choices and designs. Finger rings, toe rings, nose rings are some of the most widely used gold ornaments among women. Rings are embellished with rubies, diamonds, pearls and other stones to exude an alluring appearance to the jewelry. Diamond rings set in gold are mainly used during wedding ceremonies, engagements and anniversaries.

Necklaces: Gold necklaces and chains are available in different designs and styles these days. The price of these jewelries varies according to the weight of and style of the jewelry item.

Bracelets: Gold bracelets are another popular variety of gold jewelry worn by most of the ladies. There are gold bracelets made exclusively for men too. Ladies bracelets are designed with intricate patterns and styles to align with the changing fashion trends of the era.

Gold jewelry is one popular item that never fades out of fashion even though its price is rising every day. Indian wedding ceremonies are incomplete without the use of gold jewelries. The purity of gold jewelry depends upon its carat. 24 carat gold is known to be the purest form of gold and nowadays most of the jewelries are made of pure gold metal.


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