Effects of Electronic Media on Education

Media has become an integral part of our daily life. Electronic media also plays a dominant role in the process of education. It has a huge impact in shaping the lives of our future generation. Electronic media like internet is used to download information, play games, and retrieve information and so forth. It is also widely used for distance education. Media has both positive and negative effects. However, the positive effects outweigh the negative effects.

Electronic Media and Education

With the emergence of internet as the global media, education has evolved to a large extent. Distance education programs are conducted through online media which has proved to be quite beneficial to people who seldom have the opportunity to have interactive classes. In the earlier days, distance education was conducted with the use of educational cd, books and paper documents which were dispatched through post. But today, online modules are made available to the students through educational websites.

Through online media, distance education is conducted with online educational classes where the student and the teacher can learn and teach respectively through internet facilities from any part of the world. Today quality online courses are offered to the students at an affordable price rate.

With the advent of electronic media, education and examination are no longer difficult or monotonous. There are many television programs that impart knowledge on various aspects of education including language, science, maths and so forth. There are various education related programs which help students to deal with competitive and board exams. Different teachers, intellectuals and professors from all over the world are roped in through electronic media to impart knowledge to the students. Students gain informative knowledge on various aspects of education and help them to cope with the burden of studies.

Electronic media has facilitated in motivating students to cope with the current educational system. It has altered their perspective towards education. With the introduction of electronic media, education has earned a new meaning. The constant development of science and technology promises a bright future for the progress of education in the coming generation. Undoubtedly, electronic media has made education more entertaining.

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