Various Men’s Wedding Apparels And Designer Suits

When it comes to wedding apparels, there are many choices available for men. Men’s wedding apparels vary according to the country, culture and region. Wedding apparels can also be bought from online stores at various price rates. In addition to online stores, there are many departmental stores where it is easy to find suitable and elegant apparels for men. Besides wedding apparels, different types of accessories for men can also be bought from online stores. Shoes, ties, bows, watches and so forth can be found at reasonable price rates from online stores.

Wedding Apparels for Men

Sherwani: The most popular and ethnic wedding wear for men in India is sherwani. It is obtainable in a myriad of designs, styles and colors. The sherwani includes some of the most beautiful designs made exclusively by hand. These designs are known as zari and it enhances the beauty of the sherwani. Sherwanis with zari work are quite expensive compared to the ordinary sherwanis. However, these outfits are specially designed for Indian grooms. It includes a long coat which is buttoned up in the front with collars. Sherwanis are elegant in appearance especially if the grooms are tall.

Salwar kameez: This is also wedding apparel worn exclusively by grooms. It includes beautifully embroidered patterns made on exquisite fabrics.

Western wear: Although India is a country with different cultures and religions, most people still prefer to wear western outfits during wedding ceremonies. Traditional men’s suits are still considered to be the epitome of class and elegance. Different types of suits are worn during formal functions by men.

Both two piece and three piece suits are worn by men during wedding ceremonies as it exudes an extraordinary elegance and grace.

However, in the south of India, men wear traditional outfits during wedding ceremonies. Dhotis and shirts are worn by men during wedding ceremonies. Wedding ceremonies and rituals vary according to the culture and so do the apparels worn by brides and grooms.

Although there are various types of men’s wedding apparels, most men prefer to wear formal suits during wedding ceremonies. Nevertheless, all types of wedding accessories and apparels can be bought from online stores these days.


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