Safety Tips to Play with Crackers during Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, ushers in joy and celebration with lighting of diyas and crackers. Both children and adults light crackers, days before Diwali. However, improper handling of crackers and fireworks cause many mishaps every year in the country. People lose their eye sights and sustain serious burns and injuries. There are a number of tips to be followed before bursting crackers during this festive season.

Some Useful Safety Tips

Adult supervision: Fire crackers should be used only under the supervision of adults. It should never be given to small children.

Licensed dealers: It is important to buy fire crackers from licensed dealers and manufacturers.

Instructions: The instructions mentioned on the label of the fire crackers should be read carefully before lighting it. This will help to avoid accidents to a large extent.

Use agarbatti: Always remember to use an agarbatti to light the crackers so that there is no naked flame. It is also easy to maintain a safe distance from the crackers by using agarbatti.

Fire extinguisher: Always keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher near to the place for safety purposes. In case of fire, water can be used to extinguish it on time.

Protective goggles: Always wear protective goggles while lighting firework as it can help to prevent accidents. It is also important to wear footwear while lighting crackers and fireworks.

Open area: It is important to light fire works in an open area away from any type of inflammatory things. All types of inflammatory items need to be removed immediately.

Lighting the fire crackers: Only one cracker should be lit at one time by one person and the others should watch from a safe distance.

In case of small burns, pour large quantity of water on the affected area. For major burns, remove the burnt clothes after extinguishing the fire. Wrap the person in a clean bed sheet and seek immediate medical attention. Never wear nylon clothes while lighting fireworks. It is also important not to leave match sticks and candles near to unused fire crackers.

Diwali is a beautiful festival that is celebrated with lights and crackers. So ensure that it is a happy and safe festival by following these safety tips.

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