Palmtop and Laptop Computers- A Brief Look

Palmtops & LaptopsPalmtop computers are quite similar to the desktop computers. It has all the features included in a desktop computer. Unlike the desktop computers, it is compact in size and can be used easily for accessing email accounts and word processing documents. These computers are any type of portable devices that imitate the features of personal computers. Most of these devices can be held in the palm of your hand and carried in your pockets. These computers include a touch screen or a small keyboard.

What are Palmtop Computers?

Palmtop computer is a type of handheld computer which is also known as the PDA or the Personal Data Assistant. This handheld computer can be used as a cell phone, data entry device and a web browser. It is one of the most efficient devices that help to connect to the internet wirelessly from the palm of your hand. Modern equipments have advanced features which include the ability to connect to a computer network. It also functions as a global positioning device. These computers can also be used to take digital photos, store text based information, phone numbers and addresses.

There are many benefits of using the palmtop computers compared to the desktop computers. The cost of these computers is one of the most attractive features as it costs only a fraction of the desktop computers. Therefore, it can be used by students to access emails and store useful information.

Mobility is another attractive feature of the palmtop computers. It is known to be one of the most useful electronic equipments that can be used by students in educational environment. It can be carried from one classroom to another without the use of wires.

Laptop Computers

The laptop computers or notebook computers have become very popular these days. Today most of the people prefer to use notebook computers as their main computer. These computers are light and portable compared to the desktop computers. Notebook computers have a number of advantageous features such as portability, lower power requirements and easy access to ports. It can therefore be used by businessmen and students as it requires less space and electric power.

The interior components of a notebook are quite complex unlike the desktop computers. The RAM and the storage devices can be upgraded easily. It is quite difficult to replace the laptop motherboard or graphics chip. The notebook configuration is limited by the computer manufacturers whereas the desktop computers have unlimited configurations.

Notebook computers have risen to popularity all around the world due to its amazing advantages compared to the desktop computers. A large number of networks can be accessed easily with the help of notebook computers. Both public and private wireless networks can be accessed with the use of notebook computers. One of the greatest advantages of the notebook computers is that it can be operated during power outages.

Computers have evolved the lives of mankind in unimaginable ways. Compared to different types of computers, notebook computers are becoming increasingly popular with desktop computers becoming obsolete.

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