Fashion Basics – Why and How They Differ for Men and Women?

Physical traits differing among men and women are the major reasons for the differences in fashion basics for the two genders. Men desire to showcase their masculinity while looking stylish. On the other hand, women wish to enhance their femininity with the fashion they wear. However, women have advantage of drawing inspirations from men’s fashion trends.

Trousers, buttoned shirts and many other pieces of fashion clothes which used to be typical designs for men can be found in women wardrobes as well. However, men lack this advantage as women fashion offers no inspirations for them. This leads to another conclusion that fashion industry has been gender biased, showing higher inclination towards feminine trends.

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Another different between their fashion basics is that men often stick to what is easy to wear and comfortable. Contrary to that, women are keener to follow the fashion which changes at a pace faster than men’s fashion. The fashion items and trends launched for men continue to remain popular and acceptable for longer than those introduced for the fairer sex. Differences can also be found in the basics for selecting fashion accessories like watches, belts, shoes and glasses.

 The items in this category are available in different varieties for men and women. These varieties may differ in terms of color and design. However, individuals from both the groups agree upon few instances like selection of black, brown and other neutral colors. The fashion experts around the world also agree on the fact that men are more leaned towards simplicity which obviously matches their cool attitude and frank nature. For example, men usually prefer to choose clothes in colors that harmonize their skin tones. Women, on the other hand, have choices to experiment with vibrant colors.

This is the reason that more experiments are done for designing women clothes and it is evident from the style flaunted by male and female ramp-walkers. It is not appropriate to conclude that fashion world has limited options for men. They too have to follow the fashion basics to make the right statement. Both men and women have their respective rights to choose the best available in the world of fashion.

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