Bridal Jewelry – Different Varieties for Big Occasions

Bridal jewelry and wedding attires are subject to great attention during wedding celebrations. Brides obviously wish to grab this attention and thus pay special attention while choosing different jewelry items. In order to cater to a wide range of interests, the wedding jewelry makers offer unlimited varieties of items.

Jewelries made for the occasion differ in terms of materials, patterns, designs, colors and overall appeal. Brides also wish to choose items that are popular in different cultures and religions. Here is a brief discussion on some popular varieties of wedding jewelries.

Most Common Items
Necklaces are the most common bridal jewelry items. While some prefer heavy necklaces, others stick to light necklaces and attractive chains. Pendants, tiaras and bracelets are other common jewelry items for wedding. Rings and earrings are chosen by women from all parts of the world as essential wedding jewelry items.

Ethnic Wedding Jewelry
In addition to the common jewelry items, there are ethnic jewelry items that women in the countries like India chose for their weddings. Colorful bangles in the forms of sets are worn on lower arms. Maang-teeka (worn on head), baaju band (armlets) and anklets are beautiful items that add to the grace of a bride. Mangalsutra (a kind of chain) is the symbol of sacred alliance called wedding in India. With time, these items are catching up with women in the western world.

Fashion Wedding Jewelry
The trend of fashion bridal jewelry is fast becoming popular all over the world. In fact, the Indian jewelry makers have started blending the traditional designs with modern patterns to offer remarkable jewelry items. Kundan and lac jewelries are the best examples of the extremely attractive varieties that are popular among celebrities as well. Another popular trend is the use of gemstones and precious stones like ruby and emerald that add a distinctive charm to the jewelry items.

Pearls and diamonds continue to be the favorite constituents of bridal jewelry. What is interesting is the fact that jewelry makers around the world are borrowing the ideas and combining with their own styles. This is indeed benefiting the jewelry stores dealing in wedding jewelry.


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