Know About Various Physiotherapy Equipments

Physiotherapy includes various forms of treatments such as exercises, massage therapy, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy. Physiotherapists use different types of exercises to improve mobility and flexibility. There are various equipments which can be used for physiotherapy treatment purposes.

Common and Important Types of Physiotherapy Equipments

Treadmills and bicycles: Some of the physical therapy sessions require treadmills and bicycles to improve the strength of the patients. These exercise equipments are considered to be among the most useful and effective devices used in physical treatments.

Hydro boots: These equipments are mainly used in water therapy sessions. The hydro boots are used in lower body exercises and help to strengthen the body.

Physiotherapy Equipments

Balance balls: These physiotherapy equipments are specially designed to heal and strengthen the shoulders, arms, legs and spine. It also includes the balance ball chair which can be used to perform specific exercises with the balance ball. The balance ball chairs are ergonomic chairs which provide support to the spine and neck.

Hydro weights: Different types of equipments are used for aquatic physical therapies which include hydro weights. Water weight dumbbells are used in therapeutic swimming sessions to improve flexibility and strength.

Physiotherapy Equipments

UBE: The UBE or the Upper Body Ergometer is similar to the stationary bikes with pedaling devices. The pedaling devices are mainly useful in strengthening the upper part of the body which includes the arms and the shoulders.

Mini trampoline: The trampoline is another type of physiotherapy equipment that is used in therapy sessions to strengthen the muscles of the legs. It is mostly used to treat patients with leg injuries. The mini trampolines can be customized and adjusted according to individual preferences.

Other types of physiotherapy equipments include hot and cold therapy equipments. Cold packs and hot packs are used to relieve pain and inflammation to a large extent. Knee and elbow swellings can be reduced with the help of cold wraps.

In addition to the above mentioned equipments, different types of mobility equipments are also used in physiotherapy sessions. Staircase trainers and parallel bars are used to improve the mobility and strength of the body. Laser equipments and ultrasonic machines are also used in physical therapy sessions.

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