CNC Lathe Machines- Some Important Advantages

The CNC lathe machines or the Computer Numerical Control lathe machines are used to convert any type of raw materials such as plastic, metal and wood into different profiles and shapes with the help of a computer. These machines reduce overall errors as it is accurate and efficient compared to the ordinary lathe machines.

The CNC lathe machine was first discovered in late 1950s by John. T. Parsons. It revolutionized the manufacturing industry by leading to more productive and faster manufacturing processes. These machines are quite expensive and needs to be maintained properly so that it lasts longer and yields better productivity.

Benefits of CNC Lathe Machines

Speed: One of the greatest benefits of using the CNC lathe machines is its speed. It can function in a limited amount of time as production is controlled by the computer. These lathe machines have more than twelve tools in one turret which makes it possible to change to another tool quickly. Power motors are used in most of the modern lathe machines which increases its speed to a large extent.

Accuracy: Since these lathe machines are controlled by computers, it is quite easy to manufacture parts with precise accuracy. The machines can be used to cut different parts with the numerically fed computer instructions. There is limited possibility of manufacturing errors with these modern lathe machines. But it is important to set the tools properly which is a manual procedure.

Cost Effective: Most of the manufacturing industries use CNC lathe machines as it is cost effective. Although these machines are highly priced, its impeccable speed and accuracy makes it one of the best operating machines available. A well equipped Computer Numerical Controlled lathe machine can perform several tasks at one time. There is hardly any need for a manual milling machine or lathe machine to complete manufacturing processes.

By using the CNC lathe machine, there is considerably less wastage caused due to human production errors. The cost of hiring professional lathe programmers and machinists may seem to be quite high but eventually, it is well worth the price with the increase in overall production and profits in considerably lesser amount of time.

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