Essential Automobile Spare Parts and Accessories

Automobile Spare Parts & AccessoriesIt is quite necessary to understand the different parts of an automobile before owning a vehicle. Even small vehicles have a number of different spare parts. Every component or spare part is designed specifically so that it works in harmony to run an automobile. Automobile parts are manufactured and designed by a number of industries all over the world. It is quite essential to know the various types of components present in the automobile and the working procedures of each component.

Various Automobile Parts

Every automobile includes four main parts which can be categorized as the engine, wheels, brakes and the outer frame of the vehicle. Apart from these, there are many other auto parts which include the fender, crown screen, hard trim, roof racks and so forth. The outer parts of the automobile include bumpers and bonnets.

Parts of the automobile door are also available in many of the online stores. Door seal, handles, locks, window seals, regulators, door water shield and different types of windows are other automotive parts which are quite commonly used.

The engine is one of the most significant parts of an automobile. The engine includes many parts such as the cylinder head, the camshaft, the air duct, turbocharger, the engine valve and other engine parts. The oil system in the engine also includes the oil strainer, pump, filter and strainer. Other important automobile parts include the air blower, water tank and pump, cooling fan and coolant hose.

Interior Parts of an Automobile

In addition to the exterior components of an automobile, every vehicle includes various types of interior components. Components such as seat covers, armrests, seat belts, head rests, seat brackets, carpets, floor materials and so forth can be bought from online stores at attractive prices.

Other types of automobile parts and components include the gear box which includes a set of gears which can be used to transmit power from one shaft to another.

There are many other indispensable auto parts which are very essential for the smooth and safe functioning of an automobile. Today the automobile industry and the automobile spare part industry experience a huge demand for automobile and its spare parts.


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