Salwar Kameez- Innumerable Varieties and Designs

Salwar Kameez is the traditional outfit of women in India and Pakistan. The popularity of this versatile outfit has flourished to countries far and wide. Today it is one of the most accepted and well known outfits that can be found even in the international markets. In the earlier days, Salwar Kameez was designed in a simple design but now a wide array of designs and styles can be easily found all over the country.

Salwar Kameez Designs

A Plethora of Designs and Styles of Ladies Suits

In addition to being known as the traditional outfit of the country, it is one of the most desirable and fashionable outfits worn by women today. It is believed to have originated in Afghanistan as this outfit was known to protect people from the raging sand storms. However, it was later popularised by the Mughals. Earlier Salwar Kameez was worn only by the women of North India but now it is worn by women of all regions, cultures and ages.

It is undoubtedly an outfit that can be worn on any occasion and there is one for every occasion! This beautiful attire can be worn by women and girls to colleges, office, wedding parties, social functions and still feel comfortable and elegant. The different types and styles of Salwar Kameez are mentioned below.

Latest Salwar Kameez Designs

Printed suits: Salwar Kameez with beautiful prints is quite popular these days. Available in cotton and other fabrics, these suits are suitable for daily wear and parties. Polka dots, floral designs, vertical and horizontal lines and various other designs can be found among these suits.

Patiala suits: quite different from the traditional suit, this variety of Salwar includes a number of pleats around the waistline.

Churidar kurta: this attire is longer than the traditional Salwar and it appears like a tight pant. The end of the pant is rolled up in the form of bangles.

Sharara suits: similar to full skirts, these suits have pants that fit near the knees and then fall in a loose style like a skirt.

Parallel suits: unlike the traditional Salwar, the parallel suits have pyjamas that are of the same width from top to bottom.

Indo western suits: a unique blend of both western and Indian styles, this ultra modern Salwar Kameez has shorter suits with deep necklines and cap sleeves. Some of the suits are sleeveless and have other designs.

Embroidered suits: beautifully embroidered suits are the most elegant attire that a woman can possess. Works done in gold, silver and silk threads on expensive fabrics are quite popular these days. Various kinds of embellishments are also done with beads, jewels and stones on embroidered suits.

Designer suits: designer Salwar Kameez is one of the best attires found in the online stores. Enchanting pieces of work done by popular designers are quite a marvel.

Bridal suits: bridal Salwar Kameez is yet another variety that is quite popular among Indian as well as foreign brides. The Salwar suits are so elegant and heavily embroidered with beautiful and intricate patterns to attract the hearts of millions.

More than a million designs and varieties of Salwar Kameez are available today in the online markets at affordable rates.


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