Advantages of Barcode Technology and Barcode Printers

Barcode Technology & Barcode PrintersThe effective implementation of barcode technology offers many benefits to the manufacturers, customers, retail dealers and distributors. In the earlier days, cashiers used manual typing procedures to calculate the price of every commodity purchased. But today with the system of barcodes, it is quite easy to calculate the price and other related details of the products. Various types of printers are used to type the barcode labels or stickers. The readability of the barcode stickers depend on the print quality and the type of printer used for printing.

Types of Barcode Printer

There are basically four types of barcode printers or print technologies. These include the inkjet, the dot matrix, the thermal printers and the laser printers.

The laser and the inkjet printers print the barcode stickers as images. This procedure is time consuming as it utilizes more memory. These printers are therefore capable of printing an entire sheet of labels or stickers rather than a single piece of barcode sticker. However, these printers have excellent print quality.

The dot matrix barcode printers are relatively slow in pace and print low quality stickers which are quite difficult to read. Moreover, these printers are incapable of creating small stickers or labels.

The thermal printers are considered to be quite efficient as it can print high quality graphics, barcodes and texts. These printers are capable of printing barcodes of different sizes and density. It can also print a large amount of barcode stickers at one time.

The thermal barcode printers are available in different varieties including the desktop barcode printers, the mid range printers, industrial printers and the portable printers.

Benefits of Using Barcode Printers

There are many advantages of using the barcode stickers and printers. Some of the most important advantages include the following.

Speed: Compare to the manual calculation of prices, barcode scanning is faster and accurate.

Tracking: The technique of barcode helps to track sales and amount of commodities sold.

Accurate: Barcodes are included permanently on the labels of the products. Barcodes are usually scanned by the cashiers to obtain detailed information about the prices of the products.

With the widespread usage of barcode labels and barcode stickers, the demand for barcode printers has also increased simultaneously.


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