Garden Statues- Mesmerizing Beauty and Elegant Varieties

Garden statues are considered ideal to enhance the appearance of your garden and lawn. Garden sculptures or statues add to the beauty and elegance to any outdoor space. The history of using statues and sculptures in garden can be traced back to the Egyptian gardens which were beautifully decorated with statues of various gods and goddesses. The ancient Greek civilization also witnessed the use of statues and sculptures in their gardens.

Garden Statues

Different Varieties of Garden Statues

Today an amazing variety of statues and sculptures can be found in many of the online stores to emblazon gardens and lawns. Metallic and wooden statues, glass statues and so forth can be found in many designs and varieties. Sculptures can be chosen according to the theme of your lawn. Placing these sculptures or statues in the appropriate position in your lawn is equally important to enhance the appearance of your lovely garden.

Some of the most common and popular varieties of statues include the figures of roaring lions, alligators, turtles, peacocks and birds. Statues of angels, bird baths, fountains, pools and gnomes are other popular choices for statues and sculptures that can be used in your lawn to emblazon its beauty.

Garden Sculptures

Beautiful and expensive bronze statues of nymphs, animals, lions and famous people are often used to adorn gardens. Bronze statues of gods and goddesses are also placed in gardens as it exudes elegance and opulence. Stone sculptures are mostly chosen by people to a large extent as it is both durable and weather resistant. Wooden sculptures seldom withstand climatic changes and require frequent maintenance as compared to the other types of garden sculpture and statues.

The popularity of fiber glass statues has further accentuated the demand for garden sculptures and statues. Different types of fiber glass statues in various designs and patterns are bought to adorn gardens and lawns.

Today it is quite easy to find a suitable variety from a range of beautifully carved statues and sculptures made from various materials such as wood, stone, glass, brass and bronze. Most of these statues are available at reasonable price rates from authentic online dealers listed in the business portals.

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