Air Handling Units- Various Components and Its Functions

Air handling unit is a significant device found in air conditioners, heating and ventilating systems. The AHU is a box like equipment which includes a cooling coil and a fan. Some of the air handling units also includes air filters. The AHU has various components and each component has a specific function to perform, although its main function includes treatment and conditioning of air.

Functions of the Air Handling Unit

The main function of the AHU is to absorb air from the rooms and pass it through cold water cooling coils and then let the chilled air back to the rooms. There are filters fitted in most of the air handling units which help to filter the impure air. It is one of the most vital components of an air handling unit. It is quite important to clean the air present in the rooms to remove dust and other foreign particles. The presence of filters helps to extend the durability of these units.

The blower is another component of the AHU which helps to recycle the air present in the buildings. Large buildings with AHU have multiple blowers and fans to condition the air. Air in the building is absorbed by the blowers and conditioned. It is then released into the buildings. There are various conditioning elements used to heat or cool the air. Heating coils are used to heat the air in the heating systems. Air conditioners use cooling coils to condition and cool the air.

Humidifier is another important component present in the air handling units. Humidifiers are essential to keep the atmosphere moist. Excessive heating and cooling can lead to dry atmosphere which can lead to various health issues. Most of the air handling units has humidifiers present in it. Today there are a variety of humidifiers available in most of the online stores including the ultrasonic humidifiers.

The AHU has many other components which perform a variety of other functions. The vibration isolator and the sound attenuators are the other components of the air handling unit. There are various controllers which are used to control the different functions of these units. Moreover, these units are available in different sizes and shapes to suit individual purposes.


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