Different Firefighting Systems and Fire Security Products

Fire Fighting SystemsFirefighting systems are quite indispensable in our lives today. Most of the corporate buildings and homes are fully equipped with a variety of fire fighting equipments to tackle the outbreak of fire. Today there are different varieties of fire security products and fire fighting systems. Most of these products can be bought easily through online trade portals.

Some of the most common fire fighting system include heat detectors, dry chemical powder ABC fire extinguisher, mechanical form fire extinguisher, fire sprinkler system, smoke detectors, domestic and industrial fire sensors and so forth. All these equipments can be bought easily from online stores at attractive price rates.

Basically there are two types of fire systems which help to prevent accidental outbreak of fire. The fire protection system and the fire fighting system are these two different types.

Types of Fire Fighting Systems

Fire extinguisher is an important fire fighting equipment. However, there are different types of fire extinguishers available today. There are generally two types of extinguishers which include the dry chemical fire extinguisher and the CO2 extinguisher.

Fire extinguisher should be used according to the type of fire outbreaks. Some fires may be caused due to flammable liquids such as oil, kerosene and some fire may be caused due to short circuits in electrical appliances. For fires caused by burning of paper, water extinguishers are normally used.

Most of the kitchen fires can be extinguished using wet chemical extinguishers and electrical fires can be extinguished using CO2 extinguishers.

Apart from fire extinguishers, various fire security products are also used in most of buildings these days to protect life and property from the havoc caused due to fire.

Electronic fire sensors, domestic fire sensors, safety fire sensors, automatic fire sensors, blankets, earmuffs to block noises, smoke detectors, monitors and so forth. Pharmaceutical firefighting systems are also available in most of the online stores. Several types of furniture are also available theses days which help to prevent fire such as fire retardant plywood.

Today there are huge varieties of firefighting and fire protection systems available at reasonable prices. Most of these devices are installed in industrial buildings, corporate offices, homes and theaters.

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