Latest Computer Hardware - A Peak into Modern Computer Parts

Computer was popularized three decades ago and today computers have over shadowed almost every possible field in the lives of mankind. The technological advancements in the field of information technology have led to outdated computer parts and devices. Computer hardware consists of the parts of computer which include RAM, motherboard, processor, graphics card, hard disk and other accessories such as mouse, monitors and keyboard.

Computer Hardwares

Some of the Latest Series of Computer Hardware

The tremendous development and technological advancements in the field of Information Technology has led to new inventions in the computer field. With the development of technology, the capacity and the efficiency of the hardware devices have been upgraded for a lower price rate. The following section describes some of the latest series of computer hardware.

CRT monitors: The latest series of computer hardware includes the CRT or the LCD monitors. These monitors are sleek and easy to use. It occupies less space and is compact in size compared to the desktop monitors. Moreover, it hardly emits any ultra-violet rays.

Micro processors: One of the main components of a computer is the micro-processor. New technological developments are introduced in the micro-processors by the two giant companies of micro processors-mainly Intel and AMD. From i3 to i5 and to i7, the capacity of the processor has been enhanced like never before. It speeds internet activities, image editing and games. It is also capable of encoding video and multimedia at a faster pace.

Computer Hardware Manufacturers

Storage devices: Upgraded models of storage devices have been introduced in the markets today. Compact hard disks, flash cards, memory cards with more storage capacity are some of the latest inclusions in the field of computer hardware. Nevertheless, the prices of hardware commodities have fallen drastically with growing technological developments.

Wireless mouse and keyboard: Another latest development in the field of computer hardware is the inclusion of wireless mouse and keyboard. Though these hardware components are in use these days, technological upgrading is still in progress. The latest wireless mouse and keyboards are known to be flawless and precise.

With new developments in technology, the concept of desktop computers and laptops are evolving to form a more compact and highly sophisticated computer, in the near future, which is faster and accurate

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