Identifying the Various Types of Garden Statues and Sculptures

Garden statues and sculptures are among the best methods to enhance your lawn or garden. It can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your garden in many ways. Today there are a number of elegant and posh varieties of sculptures and statues available in many of the online stores.

These statues are available in different materials including wood, metal, stone and glass statues. It is important to choose materials that will last longer as garden statues should be able to withstand the varying climatic conditions.

Garden Sculptures

Various Types of Garden Statues and Sculptures

There is quite an array of garden statues and sculptures which can be bought to augment the appearance of your lovely garden. Some of the most important varieties of statues and sculptures are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Animal forms: Some of the most popular garden statues include animal forms. These interesting forms are found in different materials including stone and wood. Most of the American gardens have animal representations in their gardens. Statues of lions, elephants and giraffes are quite common in gardens today.

Garden Statues

Fairies and angel statues: Statues of fairies and angels made of marble, stone and glass are popularly used in many of the modern gardens to enhance the appearance of the garden. Most of the gardens have fairy statues at the entrance of the gardens. Over sized mushrooms, statues of Hindu mythological gods and goddesses are also installed in many gardens today. Moreover, these statues can also be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

Bird baths and water fountains: Garden sculptures also include beautiful bird baths and fountains which attract birds and living creatures into the garden.

Most people prefer to use long lasting statues and sculptures which can withstand the elements of nature. Wooden statues are susceptible to damage when exposed to rain and excessive sunlight. Apart from concrete statues and ceramic statues, there are also many other expensive varieties of statues available today.

Elegant collection of bronze statues is also used to emblazon the beauty of the garden. Bronze statues of various forms are used in modern gardens to exude charm and sophistication. The options to decorate your garden with statues and sculptures are quite endless. But it is important to choose an appropriate statue to enhance the beauty of your garden.

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