Jewelry Lovers Have Good Reasons to fall for Kundan Jewelries

Various traditions of jewelry making have been popular in India since time immemorial. The royal families that ruled different parts of the country during different eras promoted the art of making invincible jewelry designs. Kundan jewelry came into being during the Mughal reign in India. Today, skilled craftsmen from Rajasthan and Gujarat states of the country inherit the art.

Designs like kundan necklace sets and kundan bangles have become recognized jewelry items worldwide. Manufacturers of these jewelries are able to extend their reach to the international markets through online business directories. Jewelry lovers from around the world too have developed affinity for these graceful designs and there are many reasons for this.

To begin with, jewelry items made of kundan bear sophistication similar to that of gold jewelry items. They have exceptionally attractive luster and elegance that instantly attract the attention of women. Those who are bored of wearing gold jewelry items find kundan jewelry as great alternatives.

Jewelry designed using kundan can be found in marvelous intricate designs that add to charm to one’s personality. The credit goes to the skilled craftsmanship that delivers astonishing results. It must be noted that crafting jewelry out of kundan is a long process that involves a lot of hard work. The efforts put in to make such fine jewelry designs are reflected from the final outputs obtained.

The expert makers of kundan items borrow ideas from nature to come up with innovative and enthralling designs. Floral and leafy patterns, along with the use of animal and solar designs add, add magnificence to these jewelry items. Motifs used in these designs resemble the shapes of fruits, seeds, grains and many other natural objects.

Amalgamation of kundan with gems and stones is another good reason for the popularity of kundan sets, bangles, chokers, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry items. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, corals, moonstones and bloodstones are among the most popular ingredients incorporated in kundan jewelry designs. Diamonds too are used by many jewelry makers to further raise the beauty of these items. It is simply irresistible to get attracted towards the beauty of these jewelry items.

The importance of kundan made jewelry items can be seen in the wedding ceremonies. Brides, not only in India but from other countries too, find it exciting to wear kundan items. Since the past few years, kundan designs have also become popular in the category of fashion jewelry. Keeping in mind the growing number of international admirers, kundan jewelry makers design contemporary jewelry items to match different tastes.

Apart from having attraction towards jewelry made in kundan, the jewelry buyers also possess the knowledge to buy authentic kundan designs only. This traditional form of jewelry designing is definitely going places to earn deserving admiration.

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