Introduction to Popular Women Dresses and Designs in India

Women, their dresses and their smiles have won hearts all over the world and will continue to do in future. If smiles are an accessory then dresses are no less and with the huge number of dresses along with the patterns & designs, the notion – more is better doesn’t need any more examples.

Men’s wardrobe can brag of dozens of dresses but the variation between these dresses isn’t much, apart from the difference between a jeans/t-shirt and general office wear (which also accommodates suits and blazers). As compared to men’s dress and related styling, feminine dresses have seen a variation every now and then.

Dresses showcase style and also display threads of the region (location) which have influenced these dresses. Now how about a country, where culture, heritage and way of life changes every 200 miles? India, the land of mystery, unfolds easily at least when it comes to dresses. From ethic wear to vibrant experiments from designers, women dresses & designs in India have been worn, appreciated and rated highly by folks, world over.

It is the designs that define the dresses. Dresses and their designs go hand in hand and some popular women dressing & designs in India include:

The saree, often spelled as sari basically is an unstitched cloth which is draped over a women’s body in various styles. The length ranges from 4 meters to 9 meters. The saree comes in attractive designs, styles and with add-ons. Considered as one of the most beautiful women dresses, the saree has been the epitome of Indian woman’s dressing. Sarees cover the lower part of a woman’s body and some part of the upper body (on which other garments like blouses are worn). India which is divided into many states has different styles of wearing the saree.

The shalwar kameez, often spelled as salwar kameez is worn mostly in northern part of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Shalwar is a pant like clothing, just that it is quite loose with legs, wide at the top and narrow at the ankle. The kameez is kind of a long shirt with embroidery. Shalwar kameez is worn with the dupatta (a wrap) by womenfolk.

A lehenga is kind of a skirt which is worn along with a choli (a form of a blouse). The lehenga choli combination is similar to the saree and blouse type of dressing with some variations. In the same way, many rural Indian women wear long frocks and blouses or half sarees. But, this Indian dressing is used rarely now days.

Lastly, all popular women dress designs in India shine with a tint of jewelry and other accessories.

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