Various Homeopathic Remedies- A Brief Glimpse

The origin of homeopathic medicine can be traced back to the year 1755 when Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered an alternative therapy to cure different kinds of ailments. According to his discovery, human body has the power to heal itself and the remedies prescribed in homeopathic treatments help to boost the immune system of the body.

Homeopathic medicines aim to promote the overall health of the body and treat the root cause of the disease rather than the symptoms. These medicines are prescribed on the belief that remedies which cause symptoms in a healthy person will cure diseases in an ailing person. Homeopathic remedies are usually prescribed in the form of sweet pills or liquid dilution.

Some of the Important Homeopathic Medicines

The homeopathic medicine are safe and seldom involve any kind of side effects. Known to be very effective, these remedies can increase the speed of recovery if the ailment is diagnosed properly.

The remedies provide a holistic treatment to the diseases and treat the root cause of the diseases rather than the symptoms. This results in complete cure of the diseases with symptoms seldom resurfacing.

There are some commonly prescribed medicines which prove to be quite effective in treating a number of diseases. Each medicine is used for treating different kinds of diseases. It is to be remembered that since human body is different, the same medicines may not give the same results in different bodies. Medicines are prescribed according to the initial results which may vary from person to person.

Nux Vomica: Also known as poison nut, this plant is grown in India and its dried ripe seeds are used to produce the medicine. It is an effective cure for many diseases. It helps to cure stomach ailments caused due to over eating, symptoms caused due to alcoholic overdose or caffeine. It is known to increase the appetite of the body.

Ipecac: Another homeopathic remedy which reduces the feeling of nausea and cure vomiting.

Phosphorous: Known to be an excellent cure for excessive thirst, nervousness and fatigue.

Arnica: It is also known as mountain daisies. It is used as an effective treatment against sprains, bruises and body strains.

Apart from the above mentioned homeopathic remedies, there are many more remedies derived from plants and herbs which prove to be effective treatments and cure for innumerable ailments.

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