Major Building Construction Materials and Equipments

Different building construction materials have been tried by the mankind to develop houses and other buildings since the ancient times. At present, the naturally occurring materials as well as the man-made building materials are popular in use. Constructing a building requires more than one or two materials.

The aim of using different building materials is not only to have a strong structure, but also a beautiful and attractive design. As a result, the demand for major building materials is rapidly increasing in all parts of the world.

Sand in three different forms, including fine sand, medium sand and coarse sand is among the most popular materials used for the construction of any type of structure. Mud and clay are other naturally obtained materials that are widely in use for the construction of structures in different styles.

Rock and stones have been in use since the time immemorial. These building construction materials are known for the long-lasting strength they render to a building. Cement and cement composites are essential building materials that are utilized for having a strong foundation of the buildings. Concrete is another material that has a count among major building materials, due to formability and longevity it offers.

Steel is one of the main building construction materials of the modern age as it is used to enhance the strength of other materials in constructing a structure. Various alloys of metals like iron, tin and aluminum too have a great place among the top building materials of the modern time.

Glass is not restricted to the construction of windows, but it is used as a decorative material for homes as well as the architectural buildings. Glass curtain walls and wide glass roof structures render a wonderful and attractive appeal to the buildings. Besides, there are many synthetic building construction materials in use these days. Some of them are used for the purpose of insulation, while others for the purpose of plumbing.

Selection of building products in an area depends upon the weather conditions and possible natural disasters in that area. In any case, these major building materials are used in most parts of the world.


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