Blouse Designs That Add to The Glamour of Wearing Sarees

Designer BlouseThe acceptance of sarees as fashion wear has led to the advent of many popular blouse designs. Women take inspirations from the elegant and stylish blouses that celebrities and ramp models wear and display. Thanks to the vision of modern designers, one can choose among numerous designs to make their blouse look apt for different occasions.

Blouse designs may differ in the way they are tied, in terms of sleeve designs, neck designs and so on. By learning about different blouse styles and designs, you can offer a huge variety to the customers that visit your boutique. Here is a discussion about the most popular blouse and blouse neck designs.

Talking about the blouse neck designs, sweetheart neck is one of the oldest and popular styles. This design may vary in terms of width on the basis of individual tastes. Another popular blouse neck design is the simple ‘U’ design that again can be widened on the basis of individual preferences.

Off-the-shoulder blouse neck designs are among the hottest blouse neck designs preferred by women. This design can be further classified into boat off-the-shoulder and sweetheart neck off-the-shoulder designs. Among the most fashionable neck designs for blouses is the halter neck design. Apart from classic necks, the blouse designs with crossed halter neck too are popular these days. Another variation is the use of jeweled straps at the place of spaghetti straps for halter neck designs.

Blouse designs may also differ in the way they are tied at the back. Gone are the days when hooks were used to tie the blouses. The most popular designs these days include knots and bows. These knots and bows definitely make the blouse look hotter and more elegant. A variation of the design can be achieved using knots in the front instead of having them at back. Use of strings is another popular way to tie the blouse.

Blouse designs are defined by the style of sleeves as well. Blouse with full sleeves designed using transparent or semi-transparent materials is all in rage. Cap sleeves, puff sleeves and inverted ‘V’ sleeves too are among the popular choices.

Different women have different tastes while choosing a blouse design. Having knowledge of all popular designs should help you make right suggestions to your customers.

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