Packing Materials And Their Importance in B2B Space

As packaging is gaining more and more significance in the modern marketing industry, the materials used for packaging too have been expanded to great extent. Apart from the traditional packaging materials like paper and plastic, there are lots of other materials available today to cater to the varied needs of consumers as well as the requirements of the products. Mentioned below are the different packaging materials available in today’s time:

Paper is the most traditional and common packaging material that has been used since centuries. It is extensively used for packing a number of things for the obvious reasons of being easily available, relatively weightless, economical and easily disposable. Treated or coated paper based packaging products are quite a rage these days.

Plastics are mainly of two types high polymer plastics and low polymer plastics. High polymer plastics are rigid in nature and consist of polystyrene, polypropylene, polyester while low polymer plastics are flexible in nature and primarily, consist of cellophane which is coated with polyethylene. High polymer plastics are used in the making of cartons and boxes on the contrary; low polymer plastics are used for making bags, wrappers, pouches etc.

Aluminum Foil
Aluminum foil carries a number of advantages like being greaseproof, shrink proof, odorless, tasteless etc. Thus, it is becoming a popular choice these days.

Timber packaging products include boxes, barrels or tubs for packing various products. Though there are certain pre-packing requirements for regarding timber like mechanical strength etc. This particular form of packing products can be spread with paraffin-wax or plastics to make them more water resistant.

Glass is another material which is extensively used for making packaging items like bottles, jugs and jars etc. these are readily available in transparent as well as opaque forms. The best part about this particular material is that it is completely resistant to gas and water vapor.

Laminates are another material which is being favored by lots of people these days. Unlike other materials, laminates provide heat-seal surface and improve barrier properties as well as the strength of a film material. Popular laminated films are paper polythene, cellophane-polythene, and polyester-polythene.

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