Brief Overview Of EPABX System

Epabx SystemAn EPABX system can be defined as a small telephone exchange which is of specific use to a business or organization. It is the equipment which is used for performing call switching and other related activities for the users within an enterprise. By installing such a system, an enterprise or organization can save the cost of providing external telephone lines to each of its employees.

Different enterprises and organizations may have different needs and thus, different types of EPABX systems are available in the market. If you are in the business of selling these systems, you must know about the specific requirements of different companies. The following discussion provides information about the things that buyers consider while purchasing an EPABX system.

Need of Telephone Connectivity
One important feature to buy EPABX system is the level of telephone connectivity that an enterprise requires. This is based upon the number of employees that need to be connected through telephones for smooth functioning of the business or organization. For instance, a marketing company, where employees need to use telephones extensively, will require an EPABX with more trunk and extension lines. Manufacturers make EPABX systems that can serve from 20 to 10,000 users.

EPABX Features
Different business owners expect an EPABX system to offer some essential features. These include call transfer, call forwarding, call accounting, call waiting, call conferencing and caller id. Besides, there are features like auto attending, custom greetings, direct inward dialing, voice mail and music on hold that are optionally required by enterprises. You must offer systems with all basic features as well as those with additional optional features.

Future Expansion
Many organizations may need EPABX that can be upgraded to include more trunk and extension lines in the future. This may be the case when the number of employees or users increases or the size of the enterprise expands. You must offer systems with room for expansion.

Price and the manufacturing company are among other important things that buyers may consider while purchasing an EPABX system. You must offer a good variety of EPABZ systems at your store to attract more number of customers.

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