Fabrics and Textile Industry in India – A Special Contributor

India is mainly known as an agriculture-based country and the reason is obvious for this belief. Agriculture is the main contributor towards the country’s GDP. However, the fabrics and textile industry in India has made its significance felt in the past few years. As a result, the industry has become the second largest contributor to the GDP of India.

More than 35 million people work in the textile industry in india. Moreover, the raw material and finished textile goods from the country are famous around the world. At present, only 4 percent of the global textile trade is possessed by the Indian textile industry. Though, the share is expected to double soon and keep on increasing in the future as well.

This sustains the India’s strong position as a competitor to the Chinese textile fabrics and textile industry. At present, China has maintained its legacy of being a major supplier of textile related raw materials and products to the world. However, India is fast making its position stronger to compete with China and other competing economies like those of Taiwan and Korea.

Among the total exports from India, over 35 percent is contributed by the fabrics and textile industry and it is indeed a good figure.

Some of the most favorable aspects for the Indian textile industry include:
  • Efficient raw material manufacturing and textile good production capability of the industry in India.
  • Cheap labor and skilled textile designers and artists.
  • Rise in the number of entrepreneurs in the fabrics and textile industry of India in the recent times.
  • Availability of different varieties of natural as well as synthetic fibers. Silk, wool, cotton, acrylic, polyester and many other fibers are available in abundance.
  • Rising popularity of garments, fabric home decors and other items based on the fabrics from India in the foreign markets from indian garments exporters.

Some challenges need to be faced and some weaknesses of the industry need to be eliminated. If the country is able to improve the textile manufacturing technologies and improve the supply chain management, there is no stopping for the Indian fabrics and textile industry to go around the places in the world.


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India Country day to day improve textile business...

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