The Indian Paper Industry and Products: An Insight

Paper Industry InsightsEver since the Indian independence, the paper industry in the country has attained steady progress. It is one of the leading industries in the country and has contributed to the socio-economic development of the country. Nevertheless, the industry has been facing a number of challenges in the past few years. To counteract the problems faced by it, the government of India has taken necessary steps to promote the paper industry.

Interesting Facts about the Indian Paper Industry

Though the paper industry suffered a huge set back during the period of the British rule, it regained its lost glory during the freedom struggle under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi. Now it is supported by the Government.

The Indian paper industry provides employment to more than 1.5 million people and occupies the 15th rank in the global paper industry. It generates a huge amount of revenue and the government receives a contribution of almost 30,000 million from the industry.

Due to the lack of proper planning, the paper industry has failed to meet long time goals and has faced many challenges. Some of the difficulties faced by the paper industry include shortage of adequate raw materials, obsolete methods of technology, tough competition in the global market, rising cost of raw materials and so forth.

The environmental issue is another major challenge faced by the paper industry. During the production of paper, huge amounts of waste products in the form of poisonous gas and waste materials are released into the environment thereby posing a huge threat.

The past few years have witnessed a slump in the growth of the paper industry due to the import of cheaper products from other countries. Many of the small and medium enterprises that manufacture paper products have found it extremely difficult to compete with the low cost paper products imported from countries like Indonesia and China.

Some of the Useful Paper Products

Paper products like Paper bags, greeting cards, paper frames, plates, glasses, diaries, albums, boxes and so forth have found its way into the life of common man. The demand of paper products have increased manifold with the ban imposed on the use of plastic products.

The Indian paper industry along with the support of the Government has escalated to a level where it can easily meet challenges and boost the overall development of the country.

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