Useful Steps to Design an Effective Online Products Catalog

An online products catalog is a sales-generating copy that helps the businesses to provide information about their products to the intended buyers. The significance of these catalogs in a b2b space is highly admired as they make business transactions simple, quick and profitable for both buyers and sellers.

Considering the rising competition in online product directories, you need to come up with effective product catalogs for your business. The following discussion is meant for the first-time business sellers as well as experienced business owners to make their product catalogs for online directories effective and sales-oriented.

Decide the Layout
First of all, make sure that you design a rough layout for the online products catalog. You should try different templates and designs to give a professional look and feel to the product catalog. Another important point is to organize your product catalog. Your product catalog should have specified areas for placing company information, product details, call to action line and other things.

Create Categories
If your business sells different types of products, it is extremely important to decide categories for them and place each product in its relevant category. You can place the category with the most important products you sell on the top of the online products catalog.

Product Description
The product descriptions should be crisp and informative. Include things like name of the product, its description, varieties in the terms of size, shape, color and composition and prices. The description should contain the distinct qualities or unique selling features of the products. Shipping and handling charges too should be mentioned in the catalog.

Product Pictures
Click some good quality pictures of your products or hire a professional photographer if you are not good at that. If possible, the online products catalog should include different pictures of the products, clicked from different angles and positions to give a detailed idea of the products.

Other things to include are the payment options through which the buyer can pay for the products. The online products catalog should not be messy and there should be clear distinction among different sections. Finally, you must test the catalog design in different browsers to ensure that it works correctly in all popular browsers.

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