What Things to Consider When Purchasing Non Stick Cookware?

Non stick cookware is a healthy invention over traditional cookware as it consumes less oil for cooking. It is also a convenient option as it doesn’t allow the food to stick while cooking. Finally, non stick cooking items are easy to clean.

First made available in the 1960s, the nonstick cooking items instantly became popular worldwide. If you wish to buy a non-stick pan, non-stick fry pan, non-stick tawa or any other similar item, here are some serious considerations that should help you to make a good selection.

Material Used
Aluminum is the most popular material used for making non stick cookware. However, your main concern should be the non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking. Polytetraflouroethylene or PTFE is the most popular coating for these cooking utensils, though experts raise questions about the health threats associated with it. Manufacturers of non stick cooking items therefore use ceramic, diamond and other environment-friendly coatings these days.

Finish and Durability
Also consider the quality finish of a non stick cooking utensil. As obvious, a non stick pan with double coating has better finish than one with a single coating. Similarly, a cookware with multiple coating layers is more durable than those with single layer.

Non stick cookware should be purchased considering its thickness at the base. Right thickness is required for reasons like proper distribution of heat and retention of heat while cooking.

Temperature Rating
When overheated, a non stick pan and other similar cookware release fumes that are harmful for creatures and environment. So, you must learn about the temperature rating that the cookware supports. This will help you to cook food at the right temperature range in non stick cookware.

Handling Safety
Consider the safety provided by the handles attacked with the non stick pans. Another important consideration should be the washing safety of the cookware. Though most of the manufacturers recommend washing with hand, some of them manufacture dishwasher-safe non stick cookware.

Finally, learn about the foods that can be cooked using the cookware your purchase. Taking care of all the tips mentioned above should help you invest in the right non stick cookware.

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