Top 5 Ways to Use Product Catalogs for Business Improvement

Product catalogs in a business directory should appear as the perfect sale copies. Many businesses make the mistake of creating unprofessional product catalog that lacks the appeal to grab instant attention of the intended buyers.

There are many ways using which a product catalog can be made useful for business improvement. The following discussion describes 5 most effective ways to use product catalogs as business improvement tools.

Make It Multimedia Rich
The online product catalogs beat the traditional printed product catalogs by including multimedia features to describe the products. You must make use of colored texts, images, graphs and other things to make the product catalog look impressive. Use the clear product photographs clicked against black or white backgrounds.

Prepare a Good Layout
The layout of your product catalog must make it easy for the intended buyers to study it. Use tables if you have a long list of products to sell. Choose a professional background and don’t make the catalog too fancy.

Product Details
Mention the unique selling points of various business products you intend to sell. For this, you must study the product catalogs of your competitors as it will help you to learn how to prepare unique product descriptions. Include information like size, color, weight and other traits of the products. Also mention the different varieties or versions of different products to offer choices to the buyers.

Mention Special Offers
The targeted buyers must learn about the special offers made by your business. So, it is a good idea to include information about special offers like free shipping and discount offers in the product catalog.

Impressive Call to Action
The product catalogs must have a call to action line or button at the end to instantly encourage the buyers to take the decision. You can also include a small order form on the product catalog to make use of the instant interest generated among the intended buyers.

It is a good idea to get the content for the product catalog prepared from a professional copywriter. The tips mentioned above should help you to prepare a product catalog that plays the important role of making your products visible in an online business directory.

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