Most Popular Carpenter Tools

Carpentry is just not a crafts skill but an adventurous activity as well. Carpenter tools are the hand working tools that have existed for centuries and have been passed from one generation to another. There are some specific carpentry tools that are required to perform each type of job at a carpentry shop.

Carpentry tools are best purchased from the wholesalers available on the web. The following discussion is about the most common tools for carpentry that a wholesaler is asked for.

Hammers are required in carpentry to drive nails into and out of the wooden pieces. Two popular hammer types are those with wooden ad aluminum handles. There are other types of hammers including ball peen hammer, straight peen hammer, riveting hammer and rubber mallet.

Chisels are the carpenter tools used to cut and remove gouges of wood. Socket chisels and tang chisels are the two popular forms of chisels demanded by the carpenters. In addition, there are butt chisels and firmer chisels.

Handsaws are the traditional tools used in carpentry. Today, carpenter use advanced form of saws, like jigsaws, miter saws and table saws. Circular saws and reciprocating saws too are demanded by the carpenters to perform specialized jobs. These tools are used for cutting wood in different lengths and in different ways.

As the name suggests, screwdrivers are the carpenter tools used to draw screws in and out of wood. Standard slot and Philip head are the two popular screwdrivers available in varying lengths.

Planes are the tools used for smoothing the wooden surfaces so that the wooden pieces are made to fit at the required place. Jack plane, bench plane and block plane are the three main types of planes demanded by the carpenters.

Other Tools
Other carpenter tools include auger bits, sanding blocks, braces, jointers and shapers. Measuring tape is also counted among the tools used by a carpenter. Finally, there are drills that play a significant role at a carpentry shop.

Carpenter tools can be purchased from the manufacturers and suppliers at the online business directories. One can look for the sellers at global marketplaces to find the best quality and right prices.

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