Important Features of a Business Directory

Businesses in the physical world as well as in the b2b marketplace are highly dependent upon the supply chain. However, the supply chain that exists in a b2b marketplace has some more advantageous features that make b2b such an innovative and popular concept among the buyers and sellers.

Internet has helped in bringing drastic changes to the traditional supply chains. The result is the creation of a new e-commerce model in the form of b2b marketplace that follows the rules of new supply chain. Here are some of the salient features of a business directory supply chain.

Communication Forward and Backward
A b2b marketplace has its main players less dependent upon one another. For example, a wholesaler in a b2b directory doesn’t involve a middleman to contact a supplier. So, the communication in such directories works both backward and forward. This further leads to fast transactions and overall improvement in the business efficiency.

Easy Collaborations
The absence of middlemen makes it easy for the businesses to collaborate with one another. The supply chain is between the original supplier and the original buyer and thus both the groups make profit out of the business transactions.

Trust Building
The business supplier directly deals with the buyer and a buyer directly deals with a seller in a b2b space. This helps both the buyer and the seller to directly inspect the authentication of one another. This further leads to an important process called trust building. So, a supply chain in b2b marketplace is based on the trust and credibility among the buyers and the suppliers.

More Exposure
Direct communication among the key players of a business directory supply chain helps in greater exposure of the businesses. In the physical world supply chain, a manufacturer’s business is known mainly to the suppliers and distributors, while the wholesalers and retailers remain unfamiliar with it. On the other hand, direct communication between wholesalers and manufacturers in a business directory arranges for greater promotion of the manufacturer’s business.

The above-mentioned salient features of a business directory supply chain confirm that b2b business directories are at their best to help businesses collaborate and make their individual profits.

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