Business Directories Versus Product Catalogs

Business Directories & CatalogsThe effect of cyberspace and the constant use of internet are truly undeniable. These days, business is done on internet platforms such as the e-market. Even as the whole world is mesmerised by the fast paced growth and usage of internet marketing, why do companies still sell their product catalogs? Now what are product catalogs- well, it is nothing but a list of services and products offered by the company. Some of the catalogs may contain detailed information such as the specification of the products, pictures, prices etc; where as some of the catalogs are issued by the companies to promote their products. Catalogs are no doubt a form of advertisement. With these catalogs, buyers can have a detailed idea regarding the products and the services.

There are people who still prefer to read a paperback catalog rather than visiting websites for information but they miss the benefit of viewing the entire range of products and services that millions of companies advertise on the business directories. These directories serve as a common platform where you can find more than thousands of product catalogs of different companies. In this way buyers can easily access and view detailed descriptions of products. These directories enable the sellers to promote their products cost effectively and conveniently. By listing their products and services on these directories, buyers receive endless enquiries for their products and thus form business leads.

Listing products and services in these directories is extremely beneficial to the buyers for export import purposes too. Domestic as well as international trade is augmented with the b2b market places. With these online directories, companies can attain maximum exposure and this is mainly advantageous for the small and medium businesses as they find it difficult to spend huge amounts on advertisements. The business directories are evolving each and every day. There are numerous directories which vary from one another. Some of the directories allow the sellers to upload their catalogs too whereas some of them limit the listing to a brief description. It is truly an astonishing amalgamation as millions of buyers and sellers interact with one another from all over the world through the internet.

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